RockShox Bleed Kit For Reverb Stealth, X-Loc, and Reverb 1x

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Looking to service your RockShox suspension components? This kit is for you with all the components to help you bleed with ease. This is a multi-listing, so please SELECT which KIT you would like to order.
  • Basic Components:
    • 2x reusable 20ml syringes
    • 2x hose fittings and o-rings
    • 1x torx wrench
    • 1 bleeding edge tool for Reverb 1x Remote

COMPATIBILITY: This kit is used to bleed RockShox hydraulic remotes including Reverb and X-Loc. This Master Kit has a bleeding edge tool specifically for Reverb 1x Remote. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!