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Perfect kit for DIY brake bleeding. Everything works as should. I was able to bleed my own brakes saving lots of money and time not having to drag my bike to the local bike shop. Included instructions were helpful along with a few YouTube videos.

Brad, March 2019

Best price and works just like the name brand version. Used it on a Reverb Stealth dropper and it worked like a charm. My seat post has been resurrected from the dead, praise Jesus! BTW, you need to purchase 2.5 wt fluid separately. However, if you have 5 wt suspension fluid lying around that works too.

Isaac Watkins, May 2020

Knew my mountain bike brakes were getting mushy and not right. Looked at a You Tube video and thought I would try to do this. Found this great kit on Amazon. It included simple directions and I was able to bleed my mountain bike in about 20 minutes. The brakes went from mushy to firmer and like new. This is a great package of tools and had everything I needed. Easily can be re-used again on my Shimano brakes. I know I saved my self money instead of having to go to the bike repair shop.

J. A. Tonetti, September 2019

Easy to use, very comprehensive kit. Bought this so I could shorten the front hydraulic cable on my mountain bike and then bleed it after. Worked like a champ. The brake came with an extra olive and insert, and clamp block, so between those pieces and this kit the whole process took a whopping 5 minutes (and it was my first time doing it). There are YouTube videos a-plenty so watch one or two before you do it and it'll go quickly.

Matt, January 2020

Great to bleed the brakes of Shimano hydraulic mountain bike brakes (or any hydraulic bike brakes). I watched a few Youtube videos, bought this kit and saved myself a significant amount of dollars by not going to the bike shop. Brakes work great now and I couldn't be happier.

Kevin O’Connor, October 2019


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