Tektro Bleed Kit for Hydraulic Disc Brakes with Mineral Oil

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Looking to bleed your Tektro/TRP brakes with ease at a great deal? This is the listing for you with all the essentials to get the job done. A special feature of our kits is our high quality, reusable syringes made in Germany. Join over 100,000 riders who have bled their brakes with us! 
  • Basic Components:
    • 2 reusable 20ml luer syringe
    • 4 hose fittings with adapters
    • 2 hook and loop fasteners
    • 2 pro syringe 
    • hex bits with T-handle

Compatibility: Works with the majority of Tektro & TRP brakes including Quadiem G-Spec, Hy/Rd, HDC300, Gemini, Draco, Auriga, Mota & Orion models. ***NOT compatible with Slate or Zurich brakes. If you have TRP Slate brakes, you'll need our Shimano kit. The standard kit includes 120ml genuine Shimano mineral oil, which is more than twice the amount that the genuine Tektro bleed kit offers and enough to bleed your Tektro/TRP brakes 3-4 times. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Why Us?

BleedZone is dedicated to providing the highest quality bleed kits with exceptional customer service! Customers are our top priority and we aim for 100% satisfaction, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Visit our store to find other bleed kits for SHIMANO, SRAM, Avid, Formula, and Magura hydraulic disc brakes along with bleed kits for RockShox suspension components.

  • Additional Features: All our bleed kits include high quality, flexible silicone tubing made in the USA. Furthermore, our syringes are reusable and made in Germany, and our mineral oil bottles are induction sealed.
  • Resources: Check out our YouTube video that illustrates the bleed process with our Master kit!

How to Bleed Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes | BleedZone Kit

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