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Need to perform a 50 or 200 hour service on your fork? These kits will provide you with the right about of fluids and some essential tools to easily complete the job.

There are 3 kits to pick from:

Damper Service Kit: Includes 4oz of Maxima Plush 3wt suspension fluid, bleed fitting and syringe

Seal Service Kit: Includes 4oz of Rock Shox 0w-30 suspension fluid, a syringe and tube for easy measuring and filling, 1oz of Rock Shox Dynamic Seal Grease and soaking tray. 

Full Service Kit: both kits combined.  

*Damper Service Kit works with the Race Day Damper as well as Charger 2 and 2.1 Dampers. 3wt fluids are to be used in SID, Pike, Lyrik, ZEB and Boxxer. 4oz is more than enough to comfortably perform 3 services (2 on ZEB). Please check your Rock Shox fork service manual for specific fluid and volume types.