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Our SRAM Guide Brake Pads come in two awe inspiring compounds, Ceramic and Metallic. These are a direct replacement for several of SRAM’s 4 piston brakes. See the list below for a complete list of compatible brakes.

Ceramic Pads:

  • Softer compound provides better initial bite than metallic.
  • Quiet, no really, they are very quiet.
  • Easy and quick to “bed in.”
  • Less brake fade than resin pads.
  • Not as strong in wet and sloppy conditions, but still provide great initial bite.
  • May not last as long as metallic, but lasts way longer than resin.

Metallic Pads (aka Sintered):

  • Harder compound lacks initial bite, but provides max stopping power under heavy load.
  • Long lasting.
  • Take a longer time to “bed in.”
  • Can be noisy if it’s wet.
  • Good heat transfer and better on long downhills.
  • Good for cold weather, mud and wet conditions.

Need help more help picking a compound? Read our guide in the tech library. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your pads either. I often run metallic up front and ceramic in the rear.

The SRAM Guide Brake Pads fit the following brakes: SRAM Guide R, RS, RSC, T, G2 RSC, Guide G2, Ultimates, XO Trail. Does not fit Codes, Guide RE DB8.